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Know the Which Colour To Wear On Which Day In Astrology

Colours play an important role in our lives. They affect our mood, emotions, and even energy levels. Astrology suggests that each day (colour of the day Astrology) of the week is ruled by a particular planet and wearing colours associated with that planet can bring you luck and harmony. Understanding which colours work best for you based on Astrology can help you make better clothing and styling choices. In this blog post, we will guide you on which colour to wear on each day of the week based on Astrology and the ruling planet of the day.


Curious about which colours to wear each day based on Astrology? Discover the designated spiritual colourus for each day of the week and align your attire with the auspicious colour for each day.

Colourus and Their Influence on Each Day of the Week

Lucky Colour of the Day: According to colour Astrology, colours play a significant role in our lives, with each weekday being associated with a distinct hue. Which Colour to Wear on Which Day in India see here…

Day: Monday Colour to Wear: White, Light Blue, or Silvery Shades 

Day: Tuesday Colour to Wear: Red or Orange

Day: Wednesday Colour to Wear: Green

Day: Thursday Colour to Wear: Yellow

Day: Friday Colour to Wear: Pink, Peach, Cream, or Off-White

Day: Saturday Colour to Wear: Black or Navy Blue 

Day: Sunday Colour to Wear: Golden Yellow or Orange

Lucky colour for Sunday as per Astrology

In Astrology, Sunday is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is associated with the yellow colour. Wearing shades of yellow on this day can uplift your mood and infuse you with optimism and mental clarity. Bright golden yellow is excellent for Sunday. Avoid darker shades of yellow. Wearing yellow on Sunday can promote creativity, confidence, and positivity. It brings good luck and success.

Lucky colour for Monday as per Astrology

Monday is governed by the Moon as per Vedic Astrology. The Moon is associated with the white colour. Wearing white on Mondays balances your emotions and enhances your intuition. Different shades of white like off-white, pearl white, and creamy white are suitable for this day. White also symbolizes purity and peace. It helps establish harmony in relationships. Overall, wearing white on Monday promotes mental stability and focus.

Lucky colour for Tuesday as per Astrology

Tuesday is ruled by Mars as per Astrology. Mars is associated with passion, aggression, and drive. Wearing different shades of red on Tuesday boosts your determination, energy, and fighting spirit. Bright scarlet reds are great for this day. Dark burgundy reds are also fine. Red brings confidence and helps you tackle challenges head-on. However, avoid lighter pinkish reds on Tuesdays. Overall, red on Tuesday empowers you to take forceful action.

Lucky colour for Wednesday as per Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury. This planet is linked to the green colour. Wearing green on Wednesday sharpens your intellect and improves communication skills. All shades of green like emerald, olive green, and lime green are suitable for Wednesdays. Green also represents balance and harmony. It yields success in business dealings. Avoid wearing too dark or dull greens on this day.

Lucky colour for Thursday as per Astrology

Thursday is governed by Jupiter as per Astrology. Jupiter is associated with wisdom and spirituality. The colour Yellow represents these qualities. By wearing Yellow on Thursday, you can enhance your perspective, luck, and prosperity. Lighter shades like lavender and lilac are great for this day. However, avoid wearing very dark purples. Yellow on Thursday brings you clarity in thought and focus in life.

Lucky colour for Friday as per Astrology

In Astrology, Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, art, and relationships. Venus is associated with the colour pink which represents charm, romance, and affection. Wearing pink on Fridays can improve your social life and relationships. Light candy pink, and rose pink are fine. Avoid bright neon or very pale pink. Overall pink on Friday infuses you with recreational energy and light-heartedness.

Lucky colour for Saturday as per Astrology

Saturday is governed by stern Saturn as per Vedic Astrology. Saturn is linked with the colours blue and black. Wearing these colours on Saturdays enhances your patience, discipline, and focus. Dark blues and blacks are ideal for Saturday. Lighter sky blues should be avoided. Blue and black bring structure and balance to your life. Overall, these colours on Saturday provide grounded and realistic energy.


To summarize, Astrology recommends wearing yellow on Sunday, white on Monday, red on Tuesday, green on Wednesday, purple on Thursday, pink on Friday, and blue/black on Saturday. Following this simple guidance can boost your luck, productivity, and overall well-being. It helps align your inherent energies with those of the planetary forces ruling each day. So pay attention to colourful clues from the cosmos for greater success and joy!


What if I don't have clothes in the lucky colour for a particular day?

If you don't have clothes in the astrologically prescribed lucky colour for the day, try wearing accessories in that colour instead. For example, wear socks, hairbands, scarves, jewelry etc in the lucky colour. Alternatively, keep a piece of cloth in the lucky colour in your pocket, wallet, or bag.

Can I wear multiple colours if they are lucky for the day?

Yes, you can absolutely combine multiple lucky colours for the day. In fact, wearing several lucky colours together enhances the benefic astrological effects. Just ensure the colour combinations are aesthetically pleasing.

Do these lucky colour work for everybody? 

The lucky colour guidelines based on Astrology work for most people. However, if your birth chart has certain planetary placements, exceptions may exist. Checking with an astrologer about your personal birth chart strengths is recommended.

What happens if I wear an unlucky colour for the day? 

Wearing colours deemed astrologically inauspicious or unlucky for the day is believed to attract challenging energies. However, it is not dangerous or catastrophic in any way. Avoid wearing unlucky colours for important events and stick to the guidelines as much as possible.

Can I wear white every day since it is neutral?

Yes, white is universally considered a safe and harmonious colour in Astrology. It can be worn every day if your personal preferences allow. However, to maximize auspicious effects, add dashes of the lucky colour for that particular day.

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